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CLUA is an organization of citizens and neighborhood civic groups interested in promoting smart growth in Cecil County, Maryland. The alliance grew out of the Land Use Forums that were held in 2006. See our flyer, and the Cecil Whig story about us.

We are engaging our civic leaders on growth issues. We are also involved in county elections on a nonpartisan basis, educating voters on local land use issues and the positions and records of the candidates. We will support candidates for local office of any party who share our vision.

Our latest Newsletter:   Use link at left

Next CLUA meeting: Thursday, Jan. 30 at 7 p.m., Perryville library meeting room. CLUA annual meeting with election of Board members.

We are interested in...

Maintaining our quality of life:

  • Saving the best things about our County: our lands, our waters and our heritage.
  • Keeping Cecil County a desirable place to live, work and play.

Responsibly Managing Growth:

  • Maximizing benefits to the community and minimizing negative impacts.
  • Providing jobs and opportunity but minimizing blight, sprawl, and ugliness.
  • Enabling growth that is clean, environmentally responsible, and in character with our local heritage and way of life
  • Promoting planned unit developments (mixed use communities) in the Priority Funding Areas

Informing and Involving Citizens:

  • Becoming informed and involved in Land Use decision-making
  • Bringing people and ideas together
  • Elevating discussion on land use issues
  • Empowering citizens through organization
  • Creating information and action networks
  • Building an alliance for positive change

Holding Elected and Appointed Public Officials Accountable:

  • Ensuring a process that includes regular citizen input and involvement.
  • Ensuring a transparent government that informs its citizens and includes them at every level of decision making.
  • Ensuring a fair government that provides ease of access to all, favoring none.
  • Ensuring that existing codes and regulations are enforced.

Supporting the following initiatives:

  • Protecting our wetlands, streams, and the health/economy of the Chesapeake Bay
  • Preserving agriculture as a vibrant economic engine
  • Promoting sustainable forestry
  • Promoting tourism
  • Preserving history
  • Establishing architectural and design standards
  • Emphasizing education as a means to build a skilled workforce to attract clean industry.

Information at this web site:

Contact us at

Cecil Land Use Alliance
P.O. Box 126
Rising Sun, MD 21911

CLUA Officers

President:  Jill Burke
Vice President:  (vacant)
Secretary:  Paul Harjung
Treasurer:  Ron Hartman