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The way land use decisions have been made in Cecil County in the past is not necessarily how they have to be made in the future. We citizens can get control of the process if we are organized, persistent, and knowledgeable. Here's how to help:

  • Recognize the consequences of bad growth policies   Are your kids in overcrowded schools? Are the roads near your home congested? Are your property taxes increasing every year? Is your area experiencing groundwater problems? Are farms and other green space near you being replaced by large developments of tract housing? These are some of the consequences of poor residential growth policies, or policies that are too easily circumvented by developers.

  • Become informed — join with others   There are many citizens' groups in Cecil County fighting to preserve what we have and to promote smart growth. The best way to get involved is to join a group near you and learn what the local issues are. The list of citizens' groups that supported the 2006 Land Use Forums is a good place to start. Or, join CLUA — all of our meetings are open to everyone, and we always welcome newcomers.

  • Contact our local officials   Make sure our county commissioners and members of our state delegation know that you are dissatisfied with the status quo. Let them know that you will be following their actions in office regarding development in the county. Tell them your views on specific growth-related issues. All of our local officials can be contacted by e-mail.

  • Vote your convictions   Remember that, in spite of all their money, the developers don't choose our civic leaders — we voters elect them. At election time, find out where the candidates stand on growth issues and vote accordingly. CLUA will be active in the election and will provide information on the positions taken by candidates on land use and environmental issues. We may endorse and support candidates for public office of either party that will advance CLUA's vision for Cecil County — which we hope is your vision, too.