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Basic Information on CLUA

CLUA is incorporated in the State of Maryland and is organized as a "social welfare organization" as defined in the IRS code, section 501(c)(4). Basically, we are an education and advocacy group, with some political activities. CLUA holds regular meetings and publishes an electronic newsletter. Visitors are always welcome at any CLUA meeting — see our Events page for information on the next meeting. Anyone who shares our vision for the future of Cecil County county can become a member. Membership dues are only $10 per year.

The Clue — the CLUA Newsletter:

Recent CLUA Meetings:

  • 2012 March 22      Presentation and panel discussion on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan      (minutes)

  • 2012 January 25      Annual meeting and election, and video on Critical Area regulations      (minutes)

  • 2011 February 24      Guest panel discussion on Comprehensive Rezoning      (minutes)

  • 2011 January 20      Annual meeting and election      (minutes)

  • 2010 November 18      Speaker Richard Kline on the new state stormwater runoff regulations      (minutes)

  • 2010 September 23      Discussion and endorsement of Charter Home Rule for Cecil County      (minutes)

  • 2010 June 24      CBF presentation on Chesapeake Clean Water Act      (minutes)

  • 2010 January 19      Annual meeting and election

  • 2009 November 10      Year in review & future strategies

  • 2009 September 17      Expanded rail transportation

  • 2009 July 9      Introduction to the new Comprehensive Plan

  • 2009 April 22      Granite Cliffs development

  • 2009 February 27      Effective TDR programs

  • 2009 January 14      Annual meeting and election      (minutes)

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