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CLUA's political activities support its primary mission of research, education, and advocacy in advancing its vision for Cecil County.

Political Information:

  • The Maryland Campaign Reporting Information System web site provides campaign finance reports from candidates for state and county offices. Once at the web page...

    1. Type in the last name of any candidate in the "Committee Name" field (light orange box).
    2. From the list of committee names provided, scroll down and select the right one.
    3. Ignore all the other dialog boxes (options) on the web page, and click on the blue box marked "Search".
    4. A list of reports will be shown, with the most recent at the top. Click on a blue report title and it will be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file.

    A summary of both receipts and expenditures appears on page 1 of each report. The list of individual contributors begins on page 3.

    Note:  If you are wondering about the many "LLC" contributors to some campaigns, read the 2011 testimony of Common Cause Maryland about the "LLC loophole" in campaign contributions. The state bill to close the loophole did not pass.

  • CLUA did not endorse any candidates for political office in the 2010 and 2012 elections, although in 2010 we did endorse a "yes" vote on the referendum to establish Charter Government in Cecil County, which passed overwhelmingly.